Re: >order, complexity, entropy and evolution

Eduardo G. Moros (
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 09:48:08 -0600

Glenn Morton wrote:
> When you first came on the list you seemed to have some real insight worth
> listening to. I am saddened to see that your comments of late have
> degenerated to one line ridicules. Rather than dealing with the data you
> have chosen to cast stones.
> glenn

I'm sorry you see it that way and I apologize. I did not mean to ridicule but
to spark some thoughtful consideration of the use of the terms. Random in
computer science is not the same thing as random in evolution. Processes are
ordered events. Are you saying that a series of ordered-coordinated events
cause random results. This can be true of false depending on the application
and philosophical interpretation. I guess next time I will have to elaborate.