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Glenn Morton (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 19:42:58 -0600

At 06:19 PM 12/17/97 -0600, Eduardo G. Moros wrote:
>Lions and tigers, cats and dogs, sharks and pirannas, and any other living
>thing that rejoices in eating the flesh of its own kind are according to your
>hypothesis religious beings. Cannibalism among hominids does not necessarily
>implies religion activity. In fact, more likely than not it does not imply
>religion activity. Besides, the poor thing could have just had fallen on a
>rock. This is really pushing it................

Wait a minute. Don't I get to define what my hypothesis is or is that your
job??? I bet you didn't read my cannibalism article either. I would be
willing to bet that you have not read many anthropology books and the
consensus is that cannibalism among humans IS evidence of a complex society
because of the way it is done. It is not a good thing to argue about things
you haven't read a lot about. Read that article then lets discuss it.

And by the way, lions etc don't carve the skulls of their dead into shallow
bowls. And I presume you would hold that those New Guinean natives who got
Kuru from eating the brains of their relatives are not human and were not
engaging in religious activity.


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