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Glenn Morton (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 16:07:55 -0600

George wrote:

At 12:18 PM 12/17/97 -0600, George Andrews wrote:

>I agree that evidences of theistic creation are indeed everywhere - but
only to
>the believer; the question that science can offer an answer to is simply of
>what form such evidences reveal themselves.

Besides agreeing with Eduardo on Romans 1, I would like to point out that
this point of view makes truth relative. If the truth of the creation are
only evident to the believer, then the truth of evolution is only evident to
the evolutionist. This creates two truths, equal and separate; two
realities existing side by side. One can base these two truths upon

1. presuppositions (which then makes each man's presuppositions the
determinant for truth
2. reality is dual (like the wave-particle duality we have the
creation/evolution duality)
3. God granting the Believer the ability to see creation but denying that
ability to the non-believer. (which of course contradicts Romans 1)

I can't think of other options right now, but if Truth is dual, the each
group must have a different set of observational facts to support their
views and each must live in a different universe (which may be close to the
case). But when these observational facts from the two camps clash and
contradict each other we run into what must in actuality be the
reality---TRUTH is one. By this it is meant that only one or the other camp
can be correct.

I fear that the view of truth expressed in your statement is a truly
postmodern view of truth--truth is what you want it to be. Anybody's
perception is as good as anyone else's. I see lots of anti-evolutionists
take this stand on truth--ie scientific truth is less than theological truth
(and by theological truth I mean the INDIVIDUAL's interpretation of the
bible). While it appears that you believe in evolution, many people who
don't believe in evolution take a similar stand on truth. And to me, this
stand on truth is probably at the core of the creation/evolution debate and
is the reason that anti-evolutionists pay no attention to factual data.


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