Re: > Re: Defining GOG & EOG

George Andrews (
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 12:18:09 -0600

Eduardo G. Moros wrote:

> So, without saying that TE's are wrong, I do say that they probably are in the
> most difficult position. One hand they must deal with their brothers and
> sisters in Christ that do not accept the scientific notion of evolution as the
> bulk of science views it; and on the other hand, they are despised by their
> fellow non-TE scientists because they (the TE's) redefined the "true" meaning
> of what the bulk of science understands by evolution.

I agree that evidences of theistic creation are indeed everywhere - but only to the
believer; the question that science can offer an answer to is simply of what form
such evidences reveal themselves. I also agree that, as you define difficulty, TEs
are in a difficult position. However, if science is able to show evolution is
occurring, then those who subscribe to a theistic evolution will continue the
christian witness; while those who see evolution as a threat to their faith - due to
a false dichotomy between evolution and creation - will suffer confusion. As for the
difficulty appealing to the scientific community, theistic evolution is not offered
as a scientific theory but as an expression of faith; thus, the under girding
notions of chance and selection are, as in the case of all natural phenomenon,
incorporated into a natural theology.

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