Magellen dies

Glenn.Morton (XDEGRM@ORYX.COM)
Tue, 16 Dec 97 07:35:08 CDT

On my way to work this morning I decided that I am through with Magellan. To
me the issue is not what Manchester says, nor it is the lack of reaction among
Magellan's contemporaries. The issue to me is whether there is or is not a
mathematical discrepancy in Magellan's voyage and Ptolemy. I went to the
trouble to figure out the Galilean transform equations for this situation,
laid out what I thought were the philosophical issues surrounding the
causality, and discussed the complication of the Ptolemaic system. Other than
Ted Davis, no one has referred to the equations or shown why they are wrong.
Ted said I might be on to something here but he was unsure. Everyone wants to
simplify the Ptolemaic system beyond recognition and make it a two object
affair, a boat chasing a sidereal sphere.

Since I do want to know if this is correct or not I will continue my search
for verification of some more of the details. I can't find Gingerich's or
Manchester's e-mail address. If anyone has those, I would appreciate getting
them so I can ask some questions of them..

So,as far as I am concerned, Magellan is dead.