Flat earth

Ted Davis (TDavis@mcis.messiah.edu)
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 16:31:34 -0500

Steve Schaffner wrote, conerning my comment that I could name only two
flat-earthers since the time of Christ:

Who is the other one you have in mind? I thought both Isidore and
Tacitus described a flat earth.

The other one I was thinking of was Lactantius.

Isidore in fact stated the roundness of the earth, in Etymologies, in the
chapter on Africa. As for Tacitus, I can't comment for lack of knowledge.
What I had meant to say, however, was CHRISTIAN authors, so Tacitus doesn't
count for my intended point. Sorry for the confusion.

I commend the following website to all interested in this issue. The book
by Jeff Russell that it refers to will answer questions far better than I

Ted Davis