Re: Speciation and Macroevolution

Terry M. Gray (
Mon, 15 Dec 1997 11:36:56 -0700


OK. In this post you did not. Of course, I'm not responding to your post
in a vacuum--much else has been written.

My objection is this--any critique of neo-Darwinism implicitly supports ID,
YEC, or any other anti-evolutionist perspective, even though those who give
the critique by no means see that as an implication of their view. They
are refining/expanding the presently accepted picture.


>Terry Gray wrote:
>>What can you tell us about whether or not Miklos, Gerhart, Kirschner, or
>>Raff are still evolutionists in spite of their rejection of the
>>neo-Darwinian explanation?
>All are still evolutionists.
>>I appreciate your point as it contributes to the present discussion, but I
>>must say that I find the enlistment of the work of these folks (and other
>>evo-devo types) into the ID supporting evidences (as you and Phil and
>>others often do) as nefarious as the enlistment of the work of punctuated
>>equilibriumists into the young earth creationist supporting evidences.
>Then maybe you can show me where, in my post entitled "Speciation and
>Macroevolution," I enlisted Miklos, Kirschner, Gerhart, or anyone
>else in support of ID. I had thought I was addressing the bearing
>of speciation on macroevolution.
>Paul Nelson

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