Re: Magellan stories

George Murphy (
Sun, 14 Dec 1997 14:30:25 -0500

Ted Davis wrote:
> Manchester is a prize-winning historian, but not when he writes
> about the "Dark Ages" -- a term that no contemporary scholar of that period
> uses, to the best of my knowledge, because it conveys precisely the kind of
> erroneous notions that Manchester should have known better than to believe.
> PS. Glenn might be on to something about Magellan and Ptolemy, in terms of
> the technical details and what his voyage was LATER understood to have
> accomplished. I don't know, but he might be. I suggest that he write up
> what he finds and send it to Owen Gingerich, or to the Journal for the
> History of Astronomy, in which case Owen will eventually see it anyway. It
> sounds plausible, at any rate.

A good suggestion. Another obvious question - which I'll pursue
as soon as I get time if no one beats me to it - is, "What sources does
Manchester cite?"

George L. Murphy