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<<The 'gravedigger thesis' -- that science, having emerged in the Christian
West, is now burying its parent, Christian theology -- bothered me when I
first heard about it; but now I seem to be seeing an even greater irony:
that science, albeit a true child of the Faith, is now being buried -- by
well-meaning Christians who find themselves at odds with its cosmological

In other words, instead of the child burying its parent, the parent is
burying the child. Or at least trying to -- while the child is still alive.


Interesting that you use the metaphor of child and parent in your analysis of
the current relation of science and Christianity. That's a very telling
metaphor. I used a related analogy for the origination of science, saying
that Christianity may not have been the birthing mother for science, but it at
least she was a prominent midwife.

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