RE: Announcement

Vandergraaf, Chuck (
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 14:33:18 -0500


Congratulations!! Now comes the hard part, finding a job!

Let's hope and pray that
* you have a job or find one soon
* you won't be the newest ASA Ph.D. for long.

Dr. T.T. Vandergraaf
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>From: Scott A. Oakman[]
>Sent: December 10, 1997 1:15 PM
>Subject: Announcement
>Sorry to toot my own horn, but as of today, I believe I am
>the ASA's newest Ph.D.
>Thanks for being there with moral support and stimulating discussion!
>Dr. Scott A. Oakman, Ph.D.
>Scott Oakman Graduate Program in Neuroscience
>University of Minnesota MD/PhD Program