Single Ice Age?

Allen Roy (
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 05:51:08 -0800

Glenn pointed out that the chapter I posted did not really address the
mutilple ice age theory. That's true, I miss labled the subject. The
first chapter of Oard's book deals with the various theories about what
could start an ice age.

Gordon complained that Oard didn't give his counter proposal in place of
the uniformitarian theories. Well, this is a book and not an abstract.
Chapters 2 through 6 (110 pages) describe his theory and the evidence.
You'll have to interlabrary loan the book to read that.

Chapter 7, is 'One Ice Age or many?.' Here are 31 pages that describe
the theory of mulitple ice ages and where it came from, and how the
evidence fits well within one ice age. I'll try to get a summary posted
in the reletive near future.

Someone on the net said that he had not read any Creationary
Catastrophist material for along time. Too bad. He is missing out on
the latest research. There are two Creationary journals he should keep
up with even though he may disagree with them, just in order to be
knowledgeable on the topic and not badly out of touch with what is
really happening--CRSQ and CEN Tech Jrnl. Several Universities carry
CRSQ. A list of which ones can be found on the CRS web pages.