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Glenn Morton (
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 17:40:51 -0600

Hi Adrian,

You wrote:

>Glenn Morton wrote:
>> I stand corrected about the Oort cloud. So where does your friend say the 6
>> new comets each year come from? This is a fact.
>This guy, Andrew, thinks that there are more new comets discovered
>simply because more people are looking out for them today than at any
>time in history.

This won't work. As Gordon Brown pointed out, long period comets are
converted to short period comets with the proper gravitational interactions.
The new comets which are found each year are long period comets and they
can be the replenishment for the destroyed short period comets. As I said,
these long period comets are coming from somewhere, and the Oort and Kuiper
cloud is as good a place as any. It is certainly a better hypothesis than
no hypothesis at all.

>This approach of appealing to authority has been a favored strategy of
>YEC supporters in my experience.

Well it is a logically fallacious argument. Lots of experts say lots of
stupid things about their own areas of expertise. A true statement depends
upon facts supporting the statement, not the degrees that the individual
stating these things possesses.


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