Re: textbooks

Arthur V. Chadwick (
Mon, 08 Dec 1997 19:32:02 -0800

At 07:44 PM 12/8/97 -0500, Ron wrote:

>Wouldn't you agree, Dr. Chadwick, that people the know the least tend
>to be the most arrogant, and people who know the most are more open?

As a general rule, maybe. I know lots of arrogant physicists whom I would
not consider to know least.

>OTOH don't you find it galling when a student who knows very little
>acts as if he has one-upped you with some tid bit? In addition, do
>you encourage or allow your students to vote on what the curriculum
>will be in your classes? Do the parents of the children in your
>classes tell you what to teach? Why should voters decide these

Well, they are paying the salaries of the public school teachers...I
suspect that entitles their opinions to be heard. Whether they would want
to be responsible for arbitrating every issue of the curriculum is another
issue (although I am sure there are some who would). Perhaps if public
school teachers want to be free from accountability to the masses, they
could always teach in a private school where they could just take students
from homes where the parents agreed with the teacher, or agreed to a hands
off approach.

Will you be happy if the voters change and become rabid anti-
>creationists. Will their voice be just as important as it is now?

No, and yes.