Re: Science education (was textbooks)

Jan de Koning (
Mon, 08 Dec 1997 12:23:28 -0500

In answer to Garry's question about the Canadian situation:

In some schools the science teaching is good, in most so-so or worse. I
don't know if one can blame the schools, be they Christian or public. When
teaching (math,) some of my TA's who wanted to become high school teachers,
took education courses. They told me that they were apalled at the way
they learned how to teach math- teaching in the Education Dept. I had my
high school training in The Netherlands and cannot compare teaching in the
forties here and the teaching now. I do know that the importance of extra
curricular activities there and what I see in my grand children is taking
much more time than we ahd available. Of course, we had to be prepared
(even in math.) in our undergraduate years) to get textbooks in English,
German, French or Dutch. In general we were not plder than high school
students now.

My conclusion: if you want a better education system:
1. educators should be better trained in the disciplines they have to
teach, and that includes elementary schools;
2. more time should be spent on studying;
3. it does not hurt if parents knwo what students have to learn and why;
4. so even theologians have to improve their knowledge of the natural
sciences. I know that they resist it as much, as other scholars are
resisisting having to know more languages.

Did I step on enough toes? If so, I apologize right now, but, please,
think about some of the issues involved. It is not only the kids, nor
their teachers, but it is the whole education system. Some educators are
aware of that.

Jan de Koning
Willowdale, Ont.