Re: textbooks

Jan de Koning (
Mon, 08 Dec 1997 12:22:47 -0500

Hi Glenn,

(I first wrote Halo Glenn, and maybe you should have one, but not yet here
on earth.) I do not disagree with you, and I would that all Christians
would listen to Christians in science, but they don't, and even more so,
they don't study the bible thoroughly. The pastors giving out the wrong
info, don't stdy the bible in the original, I think, because they read
Hebrew as if it is a modern language. I am afraid that they cause more
schisms in churches than any other scholar. Unfortunately, all of them
find followers. We can pray though, that the Lord will hold on to His own.

Still, I must say, that I am grateful for the Christian schools I went to.
I heard the first indication about how to read the bible in a Christian
school, where the biology teacher told us, that we could not believe
literally the saying of Isaiah about the lion, wolf and lamb.
Unfortunately, he fdid not elaborate any more tha saying that the teeth of
wolf and lion could only eat flesh. Fortunately, I went after that to the
Free University in Amsterdam, where all students had to take a course in
Christian Philosophy (3 hours first thing Monday morning.) There the prof.
(Vollenhoven) spend a lot of time on the history of philosophy and in
particular in tracing pagan Greek philosophy and its influence on Western
society. He was a "humble" Christian, who showed in everything he did that
he loved and knew the bible. That saved me, humanly speaking. For that
reason I still say, that a bad Christian school is better than a "good"
public school, though I know of very bad things happening in some of the
schools my children attended. Nothing replaces the involvement and
"supervision" of parents.

How do we build trust, so that we do not have to fight statements of other
Christians who obviously do not know what they are talking about?

Jan de Koning