Re: textbooks (fwd).....And their relationship to civil

Arthur V. Chadwick (
Mon, 08 Dec 1997 10:26:36 -0800

Moorad writes:
>I enclose a letter which was published in our local newspaper.

>EDITOR: Your article of August 27 fails to mention the changes that took
>place on the reporting of SAT scores after April 1, 1995.

This has generated one of the most reprehensible scams of the modern
educational establishment. I have seen again and again this
renormalization of the SAT scores used to justify current practices in
education. In our area, schools hit the press with the fact that their
(renormalized, but this is NEVER mentioned) scores had risen almost 100
points (in one year at first, but now) over the last few years. They must
be doing something right suddenly! So keep on keeping on. And meanwhile,
our kids are becoming "ignoranter" and "ignoranter". In fact I would
venture that this renormalization of the SAT scores has set back the effort
to reestablish excellence in high school education by at least ten years
(the amount of time it will probably take for another 100 points to erode).
When the kids go to college, nobody there is fooled. Our bulletin listed
two different for pre 1995, and the other (110 points higher)
for 1995 or later. But most parents (whose bumpers already sport stickers
saying "My kid is an honor student at wherever") are lulled into thinking
everything is ok. This is truly sad.