Science training for seminarians

Ted Davis (
Sun, 07 Dec 1997 12:23:01 -0500

Steve Schimmrich wrote:

"I think it would be wonderful to teach seminary students some basic
biology and geology in an origins-type course since they WILL be facing
questions about such issues (I'm looking for a teaching job next fall after
my present contract runs out :). They don't have to believe what modern
science advocates, but they should at least have a basic understanding of
the issues. Why not give them a single course in science?"

It may interest Steve and others to know that an unprecedented event nearly
happened this fall. The AAAS was asked to approve a formal program for
seminarians. They were to attend the February meeting as part of a seminar,
to be led by a geologist, an historian of science, and three theologians.
They were to pick certain sessions of interest to them at AAAS and attend
lectures by the course team outside of the AAAS meeting. Pastors in the
Philadelphia area (where the AAAS will meet) were also to have been

There were some questions about funding, but also there were problems
getting approval from the AAAS council, in spite of efforts by Francisco
Ayala to gain approval. I don't know how many subscribers to this listserve
are also AAAS members, but I would urge those who are to begin to ask
questions within the organization, and to express their support for
initiatives like the one described.

AAAS gets real nervous when it comes to things like this, which some would
interpret as an endorsement of Christianity; the fact that they've missed
the boat entirely doesn't seem to have dawned on them.

Ted Davis