Others out there

John W. Burgeson (johnburgeson@juno.com)
Sat, 6 Dec 1997 15:51:46 -0700

Paul wrote: "There is a lot of passion for creationism out there,
particularly among
vigilant mothers who are neither scientists nor educators (except
perhaps as home-schoolers). Some of them evidently have internet
access and they are reading our discussions."

This DELIGHTS me, Paul. Not that you get a nasty phone call, of course,
but that SOME of the discussions here are finding their way to others.

Here in durango a Christian paper has just been opened for business.
Promotion of ICR-type creationism appears to be a part of it. But I am
told they will accept input from "the other side." I hope so. That's on
my to do" list!

BTW -- if anyone from Durango is reading this -- my e-mail box at
is always open. This one too -- although I don't check it as often!