Re: textbooks

Steven Schimmrich (
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 21:54:48 -0500

At 08:52 AM 12/5/97 -0700, Allan Harvey wrote:

>We could start by teaching them (both the children and the
>plumbers) that science does not diminish God. Unfortunately,
>too many in the church today buy into the Sagan/Johnson scoring
>system where a scientific explanation of something is
>interpreted to mean the absence of God. The weakening of faith
>that can then happen is not the fault of the science,
>but rather of the false dichotomy that says "God did it" and
>"Science can explain it" are mutually exclusive options.

I agree with Allan.

Look, what people are really reacting to is "scientism" more
than actual science. As a Christian, I am not a supporter of
scientism either.

- Steve.

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