The lot is cast ...

George Andrews (
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 17:41:16 -0600

I was tired of seeing "chicken soup for the soul" (I get hungry quickly) so I hope it is od to change the subject name of this thread.

Joel Anderson wrote:

"The lot is cast into the lap,
 But its every decision is from Yahweh. Proverbs 16:33 WEB"

Thank you Joel for the reference.

Don Page wrote:
    ' If one were even more speculative and apply interpretive principles to
Scripture that I do not really think are valid, one could say that the "every
decision" part of the verse supports the Everett many-worlds interpretation of
quantum mechanics, that every dynamically allowed result really does occur (so
long as there is not a precise cancellation of the amplitude by destructive
interference), each in a different one of the "many worlds," so that the entire
evolution is deterministic.  In a theistic interpretation, God would be
determining the complete quantum evolution and its complete set of 'many
worlds' with their associated quantum amplitudes.  But, tempting though this
interpretation is to someone like me who likes the 'many-worlds' version of
quantum mechanics for avoiding any ontological randomness or indeterminacy (an
issue discussed by Moorad Alexanian and George Andrews Dec. 3 as well), I must
admit that I don't really believe reading this Everett interpretation into
Proverbs 16:33 is exactly what either God or the writer had in mind.  (If it
were, it would be a point lost on almost all readers, and I don't believe the
Scripture was written with obscure truths that would only be understood by
scientific specialists.)'

Don, why do we need determinism - in a strict "bottom up" sense - in the universe? Could you imagine with me a God who would create a universe with an innate tendency toward novelty through genuine chance?  I think you would agree that THAT would be at least interesting; even to an omniscient Being! Would this infringe upon God's omniscience?

Perhaps some of our theologian friends could comment on the notion of God self limiting Him/Hersef. Do we see this in the incarnation or in God losing the wrestling match to Jacob? Perhaps God has granted a measure of genuine freedom to nature in order to interact with - as well as observe. Of course, as scripture is a clear record of,  He  always governs and even destroys through judgment, influence, limiting  and redeeming errant bifurcation's in human history. So one could imagine a  "top down" causal relationship between God (through natural law?) and with the randomly fluctuations presently observed in nature.

Just having some fun, since the semester is ending and my mind is idling.

God be pleased in all we are;

George Andrews Jr.
Assistant Professor Physics
LeTourneau University