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Joel Cannon (
Fri, 5 Dec 1997 12:05:28 -0600 (CST)

> It was the Greeks, freed from this knowledge that went on
> to establish the roots of modern science and intellectual exploration.
> Art

Do you have some documentation for that? The things I have read argue
the Greeks ambivalent attitude toward the physical world and some
Aristotelian attitudes of logical necessity prevented them from
developing modern-type science, and that in contrast to that the
Judeo-Christian tradition has the convictions that 1) Creation was
good, 2) that it was orderly and a unity (no mythological battles,
etc.) 3) that it was contingent (since God was free to choose, it is
not strictly determined by logical necessity 4) that humans created in
the image of God are capable of comprehending this universe. (the
world is comprehensible).

The sources I am thinking of are:

Diogenes Allen, "Christian Belief in a Post-Modern World" (who is
citing the work of intellectual historians) and
Christopher Kaiser, "Creation and the History of Science"

I suspect Lindberg and Numbers book on the history of science must
address this issue, probably quite extensively.

Maybe Ted Davis, who is actually trained in this field, can help here.

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