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George Andrews (
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 10:33:08 -0600

George Murphy wrote:

> Robert L. Miller wrote:
> > > Your elitism is showing. Perhaps accountants, barbers and plumbers do
> > > not know enough to make informed decisions about textbooks, but they
> > > do know that they send their children off to school, and after being
> > > processed by the university they get them back as agnostics or
> > > atheists, and they don't like it, and science gets a large share of
> > > the blame. How do you suggest we fix that?
> For a start, stop telling or suggesting to young people that
> they've got to make a choice between evolution OR creation. If a
> Christian accepts that false dichotomy & goes to college & is told that
> there's pretty good scientific reason to accept evolution, he/she may
> quite logically take you at your word & stop believing in creation - and
> in Christ. Matthew 18:6 applies precisely to those who put this
> particular stumbling block before young Christians.
> George Murphy

Precisely! In fact, it is my experience that such anti-scientific attitudes
which students bring with them to college only serve to inhibit intellectual
exploration even among believing scientists. This false dichotomy often
results in an irrational fear of scientific knowledge. Surly, if the
christian position is True, than we have nothing to fear.

George Andrews Jr.
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