Re: textbooks

Brian Neuschwander (
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 08:08:53 -0800

> Unfortunately, too many in the church
> today buy into the Sagan/Johnson scoring system where a scientific
> explanation of something is interpreted to mean the absence of God. The
> weakening of faith that can then happen is not the fault of the science,
> but rather of the false dichotomy that says "God did it" and "Science can
> explain it" are mutually exclusive options.


I agree with your statements. I tried to say the same thing last week
in a different way. The issue is a lot about rigging the rules of the
arguement and drawing the boundaries of the disucssion. People get them
all in the wrong place and end up with the false dichotomies you
reference. And sometimes it is not so accidental!

Brian W. Neuschwander