RE: textbooks

Jan de Koning (
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 10:46:59 -0500

In answer to Chuck,

You say, that you fail to see, where God's punishes nations leaving Him.
That is what old Israel in the OT did too. It took 490 years before God
took the final step in punishing the nation by sending it to Babel. See
the last chapter of Chronicles. Before that, Israel was punished several
times allready. Also, we know as Christians that there will be an end to
this world, when our Lord comes back. To say that God is not punishing
nations is closing your eyes for the disasters in many places. Sure, we
have explanations. Floods caused by global warming, caused by using too
much fossil fuels etc. It does not mean, however, that God is not
involved. I know, that we have to be careful here. Jesus answered to his
disciples, that neither this man nor his parents had sinned to deserve the
punishment of blindness.

We in N.America have to open our eyes, and see what our life style does to
the rest of the world. Communally we have to lower our living standards to
make life elsewhere possible. We must protect the creation as much as we
can; we must help to get rid of landmines everywhere; etc. Those decisions
are not just government decisions, but in democratic societies we can let
our voices be heard.

Jan de Koning
Willowdale, Ont.