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Hi Bob,

At 06:18 AM 12/3/97, wrote:
>Some time ago, maybe a month or so, you wrote, at the end of a post to Karen,
>"Doesn't this mean that life has changed? I see two possibilities.
> Evolution or progressive creation that mimics the pattern of evolution."
>I am interested in your last phrase, "the pattern of evolution." What does
>this pattern look like? Could you please elaborate on this?

The pattern I was referring to at that time was the fact that no modern
species of mammal is found in rocks older than the Miocene. You get another
species turnover by the time you go back to the Eocene. Only 1 Lower
Miocene species is found in Upper Eocene rocks. Of the 1053 Lower Miocene
species, only one is found among the 879 Upper Eocene species. This single
species is Amphiperatherium exile, a marsupial. Since the morphology of life
forms found in the fossil record has changed many times over geologic time,
and it has changed gradually, it means that if progressive creation is the
true explanation of how life got here, God had to be continuously creating
animals as others went extinct. And he had to continuously create new
animals that were morphologically most similar to the animals that just went
extinct. In other words, God had to create in such a fashion that one could
interpret evolution from the data.


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