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>One question that comes of this that I have always had for global flood
>advocates that never seems to be addressed specifically is where the
>genetic variation came from that allowed the diversification of animals
>after the flood. In the dog breed example. Two dogs can only contain so
>much genetic diversity and yet we see they being held up as the example of
>microevolution. What the YECs often fail to point out is that dog breeds
>were derived from selection on traits from an already large genetic pool
>(large population of wild dog species/subspecies). Were did that genetic
>pool come from in the first place??

It is worse than you have painted it. Whitcomb and Morris, The Genesis Flood
p. 67 advocate that all doglike forms evolved from a few kinds and these
kinds interbred with each other. They postulate that a fox-like, dog-lik and
hyaena-like kind interbred with each other. Yet it does not explain how this
can be in the light of the vast differences in chromosome number of the
various species.

Wolf-like canids common name geographic range 2n
small (5-10 kg

Canis aureus Golden jackal Old World 78
Canis adustus Side-striped jackal SubSahara Africa 78
Canis mesomelas Black-backed jackal SubSahara Africa 78

Large (12-30 kg)

Canis simensis Simien jackal Ethiopia 78
Canis lupus Gray wolf Holarctic 78
Canis latrans Coyote North America 78
Canis rufus Red wolf Southern U.S. 78
Canis alpinus Dhole Asia 78
Lycaon pictus African Wild Dog Subsaharan africa 78

South American Canids

Speothos venaticus Bushdog Ne S. America 74
Lycalopex vetulus Hoary fox Ne S. America 74
Cerdocyon thous Crab-eating fox Ne S. America 74
Chrysocyon brachyurus Manes wolf Ne S. America 76

Red fox-like canids

Vulpes velox Kit fox Western U.S. 50
Vulpes vulpes Red fox Old and new world 36
Vulpes chama Cape fox Southern Africa not given
Alopex lagopus Arctic fox Holarctic 50
Fennecus zerda Fennec fox Sahara 64

other canids

Otocyon megalotis Bat-eared fox Subsaharan Africa 72
Uocyon cinereoargenteus Gray fox North America 66
Nycteruetes procyonoides Raccon dog Japan, China 42

Robert K. Wayne, "Molecular evolution of the dog family," TRENDS IN GENETICS,
9:6,June 1993, p 219


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