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Two new articles have been posted in the ASA Resources at the American
Scientific Affiliation web site ( They are listed
below with a brief sentence or two from the abstracts describing them.
Please read, discuss, pass the links on to whomever may be served by this
educational enterprise.

Taxonomy, Transitional Forms, and the Fossil Record
by Keith B. Miller, Department of Geology, Kansas State University

"Transitional forms between higher taxa are thus
a common feature of the fossil record, although
continuous fossil lineages are rarely if ever
preserved. Evidence from the fossil record is
consistent with a wide range of proposed
evolutionary mechanisms."
(From the Abstract)

The Testimony of a Formerly Young Earth Missionary
by Joshua Zorn

An Urgent Appeal for Humility in Addressing
the Questions of the Age of the Earth and
Related Issues from the Mission Field to Pastors
and Leaders of the Sending Churches, especially
in North America!

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