Re: textbooks

Arthur V. Chadwick (
Tue, 02 Dec 1997 12:59:46 -0800

At 08:17 AM 12/2/97 -0600, Janet wrote:
>Art, I certainly won't dispute what you heard at the Humanist Convention -
>but taking that as a representation of all educators or all people who see
>the origins question differently that you is akin to when an atheists
>visits something like one of the white supremacist churches and then claims
>that all Christians think that way. You know that's not accurate - to take
>the lunacy of a small group and extend it so broadly.

I do not know how large the membership in the American Humanist Society is.
I know ther were a lot of people present (they filled the grand ballroom
at the Hyatt), I know that the majority of them were teachers in the public
school system, and I know what they read out of a second grade science
book. I don't know how you got from that to "all" of anything. I neither
implied nor intended to imply anything about the vast majority of public
school teachers. It was you who took the lunacy of a small group and
extended it so widely. I am sorry that you misunderstood my remarks which
had to do with the content of the books, not the intent of public school
teachers as a group.