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Glenn Morton (
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 08:57:00 -0600

Hi Eric,

At 11:53 PM 11/29/97 -0500, D. Eric Greenhow, M.D.,Ph.D. wrote:

>Are you saying it is better to die from heart disease than from cancer?

For me yes. I have seen all the cancer I want to see. Everyone in my family
except my dad died of cancer. My brother of brain cancer at 29, my mother
of uterine cancer at 57, My grandparents, one of lung cancer and she never
smoked. My dad had melanoma in the lungs and had had half a lung removed.
The melanoma recurred and they couldn't operate. He died of a massive heart
attack before the melanoma got real bad. He didn't suffer. He stood up and
then hit the floor. I want to go that way. Course, I don't have a choice
and I would agree that each man will have a different preference and


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