Re: Good Mutations.

Glenn Morton (
Fri, 28 Nov 1997 17:48:17 -0600

At 01:43 AM 11/27/97 -0800, David B. Fenske wrote:
>A question to those more genetically inclined:
>I got into a discussion the other day about whether there ever are any
>"good" mutations, the kind that evolution requires in order for changes to
>occur. The only example I could think of had to do with sickle cell
>anemia. Are there any examples of mutations that aren't harmful (aside
>from the mutations to regions of DNA that don't do much)? Any help would
>be appreciated.

I don't have a reference on this, but there is a mutation in an Italian
family which allows them to avoid the harmful effects of cholesterol. They
can eat all the bad stuff and never have heart attacks. This is a good mutation.


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