science/religion/education organizations

Craig Rusbult (
Fri, 28 Nov 1997 13:58:55 -0600

Do you know of any "associations of Christian teachers" who are involved
in private education or (especially) in public education?


And what about organizations (for research,...) involved in:

1. a scholarly study of philosophical "science and religion" issues?

2. a scholarly study of "how religion is treated in education" issues?
(either for general education, or with a focus on science education)

3. a scholarly study of potential applications-to-education (similar to
above, but oriented more toward the practical aspects of philosophy)

Thanks, in advance, for your help with this; I think it will be very
useful for many on the list. If there are websites (for an organization,
or for a "summary-list with descriptions of organizations"), this would be
especially useful and convenient.

I'm familiar with some (Discovery Institute, Access Research Network,
Leadership University and their Origins site), but (except for Discovery)
these organizations seem to mainly disseminate information, rather than
acting as places that are active in (or that sponsor) the generation of
scholarly research.

There may be lots of activity passing through foundations such as Pew
Charitable Trusts, , but specific info about
research organizations (think-tanks,...) would also be appreciated. Thanks.


Craig Rusbult
Science and Design: Methods for Using Creativity
and Critical Thinking in Problem Solving