Good mutations

J. Arthur Alley (
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 16:17:45 -0700

I am a moderator for Biola University's "Origin's Forum," and we recently discussed
this issue. The problem with using the resistance to malaria that comes
from certain african genes that cause sickle-celled anemia is that the benifit is
nearly canceled-out by the defect of the anemia.
The other example that we discussed was the
set of mutations that led to africans having darker skin. The mutations that caused
to have a higher melanin content in their skin allowed them to better withstand the
effects of the sun. This trait was then spread throughout the population,
and it is now dominant and completely infused into the community. Does this help?

In Christ,
J. Arthur Alley

J. Arthur Alley (
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