Re: Final Textbook Insert

Steven Schimmrich (
Thu, 27 Nov 1997 00:20:34 -0500

At 09:30 AM 11/26/97 -0800, Arthur V. Chadwick wrote:
>The arrogance of your response is repugnant to any Christian who >seeks to
maintain an open mind on the nature of scientific >evidence on origins.
Apparently you have forgotten the "progress >report" aspects of science.
It seems you have no unanswered >questions on any of the subjects you cover
above, and if God >were to reveal any course other than the one you have
>been lead to adapt by the "facts" of science, you would probably >treat
him the same (I hope I am wrong here, but that's the way >you come across
to me).

There are many, many unanswered questions in science and I
certainly have NOT forgotten the "progress report" nature of
science (I DO scientific research, or at least try to!). I am
certainly interested in investigating questions about origins
(that's why I subscribe to the ASA list and moderate the SCICHR
list) but I am a big supporter of academic freedom and honesty
and integrity in scientific research which I see sorely lacking in the
young-earth creationist community.

The arrogance is that possessed by politicians and Christians
who, usually without any scientific training whatsoever, seek to define
what is and isn't scientific knowledge for IDEOLOGICAL reasons.

The arrogance is in writing up warning labels for biology
textbooks and pasting them inside front covers because you
don't happen to like what they say since it interferes with your particular
interpretation of Scripture.

Let's face it Art, the people who are behind this aren't doing it because
they have legitimate critiques of the biological theory of evolution (I'd
bet big money that many of them haven't even read a single college-level
biology textbook). They're doing it because their religious beliefs
support young-earth creationism and they've happened to read a couple of ID
books by people like Phil Johnson.

- Steve.