Re: Ice Sheets

Arthur V. Chadwick (
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 09:19:55 -0800

At 12:08 PM 11/26/97 +1100, W. G. wrote:
>In mainland Australia we have only very limited Quaternary ice deposits
>which are in the Mount Kosciusko area of New South Wales but I have seen,
>near Bacchus Marsh in Victoria, Permian tillites (glacial deposits) and
>other evidence of glaciation. These show of a number of glacial advances
>and retreats during the Permian Period. These deposits are up to 150 metres
>thick. The tillite makes an angular unconformity with marine Ordovician
>slates and sandstones, These slates contain a number of species of
>Graptolites giving the slates an age range from Early to Middle Ordovician.
>I would be interested to see how a YEC can prove the Permian Ice Ages of
>the southern hemisphere contemporaneous with the Quaternary Ice Ages of
>Europe and North America.

I can't imagine anyone would be that uninformed. But you should also know
that "tillites" are not only produced by glacial action. I don't know the
specifics on the deposits you mention, byt when these things are found in
places where nobody suggests a glacial origin, they are generally described
as pebbly mudstones, and deposited in a submarine fan setting.