Ice Sheets

W.G. and L.P. Clarke (
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 12:08:55 +1100

In mainland Australia we have only very limited Quaternary ice deposits
which are in the Mount Kosciusko area of New South Wales but I have seen,
near Bacchus Marsh in Victoria, Permian tillites (glacial deposits) and
other evidence of glaciation. These show of a number of glacial advances
and retreats during the Permian Period. These deposits are up to 150 metres
thick. The tillite makes an angular unconformity with marine Ordovician
slates and sandstones, These slates contain a number of species of
Graptolites giving the slates an age range from Early to Middle Ordovician.
I would be interested to see how a YEC can prove the Permian Ice Ages of
the southern hemisphere contemporaneous with the Quaternary Ice Ages of
Europe and North America.
W, Grainge Clarke