Re: Ice Sheets

Steven Schimmrich (
Tue, 25 Nov 1997 07:26:49 -0500

At 05:59 AM 11/25/97 -0600, Glenn Morton wrote:

>At 06:45 PM 11/24/97 -0800, Allen Roy wrote:
>>David Campbell wrote:
>>> The title suggests a problem-there's evidence for many ice ages in the
>>> past, not just one, including glaciation of regions now in the tropics,
>>> North Africa, etc.
>>Oard discussed the multiple Ice Age theories and shows that all the
>>evidence can easily be explained by one ice age. This is a detailed
>>technical monograph.
>Since some of us don't have the technical monograph, why don't you outline
>some of the data?

Please do Allen. Unfortunately, most academic libraries don't carry ICR
materials (I wish they did but budgets are limited) and I don't like
supporting the ICR by purchasing their publications all the time.

Some of us are VERY skeptical of how all of the evidence for glaciations in
the geologic past is "easily explained by one ice age". I guess all of us
working in the geologic community are too dumb to see the obvious?

- Steve.

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