Re: Corrected Insert

David Campbell (
Mon, 24 Nov 1997 20:46:53 -0400

>The purpose of the textbook insert is to tip students off that their
>textbook, and likely their instructor, will not present the full story.
>I think this is more accurately described as indoctrination rather than
The insert does touch on the real problem, but spends most of its
time on the tangents. "Evolution also refers to the unproven belief that
random, undirected forces produced a world of living things." Most
textbooks try to push an atheistic philosophical agenda along this line. A
clear distinction between the scientific theories and data, which may
support biological evolution, common ancestry, and unpredictability
(chaotic or random patterns, in the mathematical sense) and materialistic
philosophical ideas is needed. By focusing on the scientific evidence, the
insert misses the crucial issue and can be misused by atheists to "prove"
that they are the ones who are scientifically sound.

David Campbell