Re: Stasis in the fossil record.

Glenn Morton (
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 22:51:09 -0600

Hi Burgy,
At 09:17 AM 11/21/97 -0700, John W. Burgeson wrote:
>Glenn wrote: " You have to explain not only why angiosperms don't appear
>as fossils in the flood deposited sediments but also why none of the
>unique, angiosperm chemicals appear in any rock until the angiosperm
>appear. "
>Fair enough, Glenn. For one who holds to the so-called "progressive
>creation" explanation (and I know most of the problems with that
>position, BTW), the explanation is that the creation of angiosperms did
>not take place until the Flood. The chemicals, of course, were part of
>that creation.

This argument was directed against the position of a person who holds many
young-earth doctrines. It is less effective against a progressive
creationist and I didn't aim it in that direction. :-)


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