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Arthur V. Chadwick (
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 14:35:40 -0800

At 02:17 PM 11/21/97 -0500, George wrote:
the tragedy is that so
>many Christians are still looking for excuses to dismiss evolution, &
>have not even begun to do the theoloical work which is necessary.

Maybe some of us equally rational, professional and intelligent scientists
are not as convinced as yourself that evolution ("macroevolution, if you
wish") is a foregone conclusion.

> A good exercise for anti-evolutionists would be to assume for
>the sake of argument that scientific evidence overall supports evolution
>("macroevolution" if you wish) & try to understand how it might be
>compatible with the Bible & ecumenical creeds. If they honestly try
>this, I think they will be surprised.

To paraphrase a geologist friend of mine at a recent meeting of the society
of christian Geologists, maybe it is time that some of you who have given
up on a literal reading of the Bible (and thus achieved a superior position
to those of us who have not) reexamined your positions on science in terms
of Scripture. Why is it only Scripture that has to be reinterpreted??? I
know that is the easiest course, in terms of intellectual acceptability,
but you know as well as I it is not an easy course in terms of theological
implications. Maybe there is a good reason why it is not easy.