Re: Ice Sheets

Allen Roy (
Thu, 20 Nov 97 17:45:37 PST

> Gordon Brown
> Department of Mathematics
> University of Colorado
> Boulder, CO 80309-0395
> If the Flood was global, wouldn't it have floated whatever ice sheets were
> on the earth at that time? If so, and if the Flood occurred only a few
> thousand years ago, wouldn't the Greenland and Antarctica ice sheets today
> have only a few thousand annual layers of ice rather than the hundreds of
> thousands that they reportedly have?

The best book on the Ice Age and its cause from the Flood Catastrophist point of view is:

"An Ice Age Caused by the Genesis Flood," by Michael J. Oard, 1990, a monograph published by ICR.

Michael Oard is a professional meterologist working for the Naional Weather Service, in Montana.
He addresses all these questions plus hundreds more. He shows how every other proposed cause for Ice ages are totally inadequate. No discussion of the Flood and the Ice Age should be undertaken without reading this book first!

Allen Roy