Re: Second law of Thermodynamics

David Bowman (
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 5:26:49 EST

Don't worry. I'm not about to go into a long exposition about the 2nd law
here. I don't have the time. But something caught my eye when Glenn said:

> . . . . There are something like 10^94 different
>permutations of the cytochrome c molecule that will function just fine and
>dandy in your body. (see Hubert Yockey, Information Theory and Molecular
>Biology, p. 59). There are a total of 10^137 possible permutations of a
>sequence that long. So, yes there are limits, but they aren't very limiting.

It seems to me that having, on average, one functional cytochrome c molecule
for every 10^43 (= 10^(137-94) possible sequences *is* quite limiting, unless
most of these excess permutations are forbidden by some dynamical
constraints. One in 10^43 is quite a needle in a haystack.

David Bowman