Re: Separation of science and religion

Jan de Koning (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 21:53:34 -0500

Back in the discussion.
I wrote quite a lengthy piece this a.m., but I must have thrashed it
instead of sending it. I'll repeat in short what my whole trouble is with
wanting to read Genesis 1- 11 as if it is a textbook of facts. Doing so
does not take into account the many books written by theologians who stress
the fact that Hebrew writing cannot be read as if a Greek wrote them. Ther
is a host of books out pointing that out. Many are written by believing
and trusting Christians: Lutherans, R.C., Reformed, Jews. This morning I
tried to give some titles, but now I skip tha part.

I do not think, that we will get anywhere by suggesting that some
Christians take Genesis more seriously than others. All of truust in God
for guidance. All of us, I hope, have accepted the fact that our Lord
Jesus died for our sins. But all of us must serve that God with all our
gifts and faculties. That means that a scientist has a much harder job
than a farmhand. It may be expected of a scientist that he researches
seriously all possibilities, and all possibilities not only in the natural
sciences, bur also in the theological sciences. That means, that it really
is painful to read that someone thinks that only the last few years the
difference between Greek and Hebrew writing, story telling, thinking was
brought out. That is not true. I have here at home books written by
faithful Christians ( one who died for his faith I knew well) who have
pointed these things out. Some go back to the last century.

Any Christian who is a scientist should spent a lot of time reading and
studying the Bible. Those that receive much, must use much in serving God,
which does include deeper studying than some others, who did not receive
these gifts. Being faithful in service to God and Christ means using all
your gifts.

That means for all of us, not only Reformed people, that we confess, that
our world belongs to God. I use that phrase, because it is the title of a
creedlike document of the Christian Reformed Churc, of which I am a member.
If that is so any science has a lot to do with the theology we embrace.

Jan de Koning
Willowdale, Ont.