Re: Predicting eyes

Craig Rusbult (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 19:01:49 -0600

David says,
>Certainly God created all of them, but I do not believe that He would go to
>such great lengths to make it appear as though the organisms had common
>ancestry and had changed over time if He had not created them via
>evolutionary processes.

What about progressive creation by periodically modifying (by addition
or transformation) some of the genetic material in existing organisms, to
make a modified organism or a new species.

>There seems to be little
>serious consideration of the possibility that God can design through
>evolution among intelligent design advocates.

A "genetic modification" version of progressive creation seems
consistent with ID. Does anyone know how common this belief is among
advocates of ID, compared with "special creation" to bridge the really big
gaps? (with either mechanism, micro-evolution could fill in the details)
To me, modifications of previously existing species makes more sense
scientifically, and it also fits with how God works theologically. (working
with situations as-is,...)