Re: Separation of science and religion

George Murphy (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 17:18:45 -0500

Moorad Alexanian wrote:

> What can science say about the world which is of interest to theology? ..............
Again, what can science tell us about the world that
> would be of interest to theology?

For starters:
The universe is several billion years old, so some ways of
interpreting the Genesis creation accounts are ruled out.
Physical phenomena obey rational laws but there is some "play"
in the connections between events. Thus we have a context within which
to understand God's action in the world as kenotic, rational, and free.
Among other things, this means that it is not scientifically absurd to
pray for things.

> The most devote Christians I have met have not been intellectuals--formally
> educated people. They are basic, simple people with a deep love for God and
> do not need science to guiding them in their faith.

Fine - you don't have to be an intellectual to be saved. But
you also don't have to blow your brains out.
George Murphy

George L. Murphy