Noah's ark

Ted Davis (
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 13:21:14 -0500

Stories that never die do include ones like the Ararat/ark item. For
myself, the best attitude is that of St Thomas, whose name was put forth
once as putative patron saint for the Royal Society. I'm from Missouri on
this one, neither confirming nor denying till I see it. Can't number the
times that "arkeologists" have claimed to get within one day/one mile/one
political event of "finding" the "ark."

Of course, I'd love for it to turn out true: not for theological reasons
(though my theology would undergo some modifications), but for cultural
reasons: it would send all sorts of demons into the world of biblical
scholarship, unless I miss my mark, and it would be gobs of fun to watch the
dust settle.

Ted Davis