Re: NT quotes of OT passages

Karen G. Jensen (
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 21:45:14 -0600

Mon, 17 Nov 1997 07:03:35 -0800, Brian Neuschwander wrote:

>Karen G. Jensen wrote (re: NT paraphrases of OT passages):

> showing that they understood the implications as
>> well as the words of the individual passages.
>There is possibly a lesson for us in the ancient hermeneutic. Is it to
>stand back and find the meaning more in the whole, than in the minutia,
>as we are so naturally inclined to do as the progeny of Descartes,
>Locke, and other Western minds?
>Just some Monday thoughts. Your additions always most welcome.

Yes, it is a refreshing lesson for us with Western minds.

I came face to face with this one when repeatedly asking a Hebrew teacher
(a real, Jewish one) what the exact meaning of some word or passage was...
and he just ambivilated (if I may coin a word) until I finally realized
there was no exact way to say it. I was being too "Greek" about it. Greek
has its explicit verb tenses and the like, but Hebrew is much more laid
into the context. Most of us with Western minds are too "Greek" about