Second law of Thermodynamics

Jan de Koning (
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 15:11:22 -0500

>Moorad wrote:
Moorad wrote:
>The second
>law of thermodynamics came about in order to unify all the irreversible
>phenomena observed in nature. But the question of why there is a law like
>that or how did the universe start is quite a different issue.
Not everyone agrees with this law. I am not a physicist but as far as I
know it only holds for closd sytems. It has not been show to be true for
open systems. See for example Price in Time's Arrow (Oxford, 1996). Page
7 in the Introduction: "Why was entropy low in the past? The chapter (2)
concludes with adiscussionas to what it is that really needs to be
explained about the assymetry of thermodynamics." See page 262 as well,
where chapter two is condensed.

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