Re: Testing in historical science

Glenn Morton (
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 22:37:54 -0600


You wrote:

>We sometimes inadvertently do the same with our models of origins. I'm
>just trying to force us to look outside the box.

I understand your desire to look at things differently. But consider that
maybe we are trying to get you to look outside of the theological box you
and your teachers have painted you into. I HAVE looked on both sides of the
box. This you cannot deny. From my experience, I can tell you that the box
you are in has more problems than any Perils of Pauline movie. (you would
have to be very old to have heard of her)

Let me ask you something. I have three oil well logs in my library which
drill through rocks of every single geologic period. Is it morally correct
for a young-earth creationist author to teach that the entire geologic
column doesn't exist, when a little research would turn up the entire
geologic column in North Dakota, parts of Alaska, the Yellow Sea Basin, and
other places? Should we defend such teaching, as Christians?


Foundation, Fall and Flood