Re: Testing in historical science

Glenn Morton (
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 17:11:03 -0600

At 11:58 PM 11/15/97 -0600, wrote:

>Come on Glenn, you know better than that. :-) That would have only
>pushed evolution further back into the past, like the Cambrian Explosion
Unfortunately, I am a slow learner and don't know better than that. If all
cats had a protein based genetic code and dogs had a DNA based genetic code
and bears had a RNA based genetic code, the differences in the systems would
be unbridgeable by evolution. This most assuredly would rule out evolution.

>> Alternatively, if we were to find all the modern species of animals in all
>> the geologic layers, that too would eliminate evolution as an explanation.

Are you telling me that if we found lots of cats, dogs, grizzly bears etc,
in the Cambrian or Precambrian that someone could actually say that
evolution was pushed further back? I doubt if anyone would believe it in
those cases.

Let's go clear back to the earliest Precambrian. If all animals living
today were found fossilized there, there could be no evolution. Moorad
asked if there was evidence that could rule out evolution. This would do it.


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