Re: Testing in historical science

George Murphy (
Sun, 16 Nov 1997 17:16:33 -0500

Moorad Alexanian wrote:

> Turning water into wine was a mini miracle. Nature does that every time. You
> water the grape vines and then you squeeze the grape juice. Christ
> short-circuited the whole process in that miracle. But how about the
> resurrection of Christ? Isn't that a maxi miracle definitely outside the
> laws of nature?
I don't know. It may be, but I have presented an admittedly
very speculative sketch, based on some of Tipler's ideas in _The Physics
of Immortality_ plus the use of advanced potentials, of how the
Resurrection of Christ could be a genuine prolepsis of the general
resurrection at the end of history. ("The End of History in the Middle:
Speculation on the Resurrection", _Works_ 5.1, 1, 1995. I'll be glad
to send a copy to anyone interested.)
Water to wine at Cana was a miraculous instance of things that
have been going on in the past. The Resurrection of Christ is the first
step of what will happen in the ultimate future - he is "the first
fruits of them that sleep." (Cf. Lewis' distinction between "Miracles
of the Old Creation" & "Miracles of the New Creation".)
But the bottom line is belief that Jesus has been raised -
whatever category of miracle we put it in.
George Murphy